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A Regenerative Ecosystem
for Life & Learning

Our vision is to unify life and learning for teens and young adults through a series of self-initiated quests.

The invitation is for young members of 16 years plus to co-create a Youth Members Club that combines a regenerative learning hub, community eco-system and modern wisdom school in a sustainably designed resource centre.

With our growing network of changemakers, wisdom keepers and new systems architects, we actively encourage the exploration of the technologies of the future & the re-discovery of our ancient roots.

Sacred economic models, game theory, and tokenomics will inform our organisation framework and intrinsically create learner to earner pathways.

We commit to working with youth, guides, parents, mentors and new paradigm entrepreneurs to build a regenerative and sustainable community membership model for inspiring and enriching lifelong learning.

Built on the solid foundations of Community Membership, Mentorship, and Self-Discovery we will use beautiful Ibiza locations to research, develop and innovate together while we seek our forever home.

Visit Discovery for information about our Gateway Curriculum, the seed from where our constellation of learn labs will grow.

Visit Invest to gain access to our Roadmap and full Vision-scape and help us build a joyful new ecosystem for young adults in Ibiza & beyond.

Introducing Our First Course!

It brings us great JOY to introduce our first
Youth Workshop in 2023.


For inspiration, collaboration and an exciting journey into the unknown

Count Me In!


Our new paradigm learning ecosystem depends on strong community engagement in Ibiza and beyond.
We would love you to join us.