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A Course in Expanding Awareness
Updating Reality Perception

We are electro-magnetic beings.
However, by and large people do not perceive vibration, frequency or even resonance.

We believe the future is whole and the best way to ensure this knowing is carried forward is to inspire and empower the stakeholders of the future with up-to-date knowledge & direct experience of just how connected and possible everything truly is.

Therefore our journey begins with unlearning.

Our Presencial Gateway Lab, crafted in partnership with Evalution, is a highly optimised experiential adventure into the nature of reality and remembering the wisdom within. Participants will be immersed in up to date knowledge where science & spirituality converge in presence. By revealing the hardware of thought, water unified and the true nature of our part in all that is, perception is radically altered and the desire to contribute becomes innate.
We see the co-creation of visual references facilitating this understanding of deeper perspectives of reality as our first digital Learn Lab. To collectively record, archive & disseminate this quantum leap in up-to date scientific enquiry in the most relevant, creative, efficient & joyous manner possible, we propose making use of the revolutionary ecosystem & tools to be found in the web3 space.

In this way the innerverse and metaverse can be engaged with authentically from a place of inner peace, joy, presence.

We are currently organising a first of its kind, Immersive Showcase Workshop for Youth to be held in Ibiza in June 2023. This invite only event will allow our first youth cohort to directly experience this new curriculum and have the opportunity to co-create future labs with LLi core team.

It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy.

- Krishnamurti -


Our new paradigm learning ecosystem depends on strong community engagement in Ibiza and beyond.
We would love you to join us.